Great Results Start With A Great Team

Every member of our design team is educated in landscape irrigation and understands the principles of even moisture distribution and water conservation. With decades of experience behind them, they conceptualize and start the design of your custom system with an on-site visit. They take into consideration the location of your plants, trees, fences and key structures during the design process. They will pose questions to you and answer any that you have, right at the outset, avoiding pitfalls that can occur when a system is designed in a more traditional “in-office” method.

In addition to a team of irrigation specialists assigned to every irrigation system, we're also fortunate to have stellar irrigation experts leading our design and service departments.


At Summer Rain, we believe our work goes well beyond the design and installation of your irrigation system. Once you are up and running, you can count on our expert service managers to help you with anything you might need. Geographical areas are overseen by the managers who supervise their respective teams of technicians. This provides consistency of service and ensures that a service visit made to your property will be handled by someone who is already well versed in your individual system and your specific needs.

Bill Gallagher

JP Pizzarello

Michael G. Hyland

Bill Foscato


Summer Rain’s exceptional customer service sets it apart. We believe in having someone personally answer the phone to assist you when you call. Summer Rain’s offices are open all-year round. You can always reach us, even during the winter months. During the “high season” (March through November) our staff is ready to take your calls Monday-Friday from 6:30am to 6pm and Saturdays from 6:30am to 4:00pm. There is an after-hours emergency number as well, should the need arise. You won’t find that type of personalized attention at many service companies where automated voicemail systems are now the norm.

James Loughran, Jr.

Frank Parelli, III

Richard D’Andrea, Jr.

Duver Arrubla