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Signs You Need a New Sprinkler System

A healthy lawn is a happy lawn! Not only does a green lawn boost your curb appeal, but it also keeps your environment feeling good. Because your lawn requires just as much care as the rest of your home, we thought we’d put together a list of the top telltale signs you need a new sprinkler system:

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You keep finding leaks
A telltale sign that you will need a new sprinkler system is if your sprinkler heads or pipes are leaking. A professional will need to come and dig up the section of the problem pipe and replace it.

Your system’s water pressure is low
Your sprinkler head can indicate signs of lower water pressure. The problem could be cracks or chips in the sprinkler head. If you notice that the issue becomes ongoing, call the professional to investigate and find a solution.

You have a poor design setup
It could be the length of the spray of a sprinkler or the lack of “head to head spacing” that can also indicate you need a new system. A poor design setup can lead to dry spots or overly saturated areas. Either way, a professional can fix the problem.

Your water bills are too high
Is your monthly water bill through the roof? Ask a home irrigation system specialist to check your system. Whether it be lower water pressure, leaks, a poor design setup, or something else, fixing the problem sooner rather than later will save you money in the long run.

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Lawn Care Basics

After a long winter, you look out your backdoor and see yellow spots all over your grass. Your lawn looks like it hasn’t seen the light of day in ages. Your first thought might be that there’s no saving your landscape, but it’s not true.

What your lawn needs is a little TLC. Even for the most novice gardener, lawn care basics are simple:

basic lawn care

Seed or sod
Do you seed or do you sod? Many homeowners find it easier to sod because it’s quick and easy. But sometimes caring for your lawn the old fashioned way works just as well! Either by hand or by hydroseeding, evenly distribute seeds along the grass. Pass over the lawn several times and then rake to make sure you cover all spots equally.

Trim just a little
Want to know a secret? Taller grass promotes better root development and protects the ground from too much sun. But oftentimes homeowners can cut their grass too short. If you have a lawn mower at home and plan to use it, raise the mower to the highest possible notch so that you’re only mowing the top third of your grass.

Feed and fertilize
Just like you, your lawn gets hungry and needs a healthy meal. So, twice a year (once is spring and once in fall), fertilize the lawn with products like granules. Remember: no two lawns are alike, so plan according to the climate you live in and the condition of your lawn.

Let it breathe
When your lawn becomes too compacted, the nutrients you feed it won’t be able to breathe through the roots. By poking holes in your lawn, you can promote more flow of oxygen, which in turn will benefit the feeding process.

Water weekly
Avoid watering more than once a week, but when you do water the grass, give it a good soaking. This helps the roots grow deeper into the soil and prevent pests from attaching to your dried out lawn. Do keep in mind that if your lawn is newly seeded, you will want to damped the seeds by watering daily for 5 to 10 minutes. After it has grown over a half inch tall, water once daily for 15 to 20 minutes.

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