Lawn Care 101 for New Homeowners

Congratulations on buying your first home. Now you have to learn the basics of homeownership, including how to care for your lawn.

Landscaping Tasks

Keeping your landscape in good condition requires a few tasks:

Mow the lawn – In the spring and summer, you may need to do this once a week — less often in the autumn.

Water the lawn – If you don’t get sufficient rain, you will need to water the lawn to keep it green.

Remove weeds – You can use herbicide on the lawn to remove weeds. It’s best to remove weeds from the gardens by hand.

Trim bushes, trees and plants – This helps them look their best and maintains their health.

Add mulch and stone – This helps prevent weed growth.

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How To Mow and Water Your Lawn

Mowing is about routine, as much as technique. Determine the ideal height for your grass and set the lawn mower height appropriately. Mow as often as needed to keep it at that height. Going shorter can stress the grass and allow pests to invade.

You can water your lawn by hand. However, this can become tedious. Installing an irrigation system makes it easier.

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How to Find The Best Landscaping Company

Any irrigation system company you work with should be fully insured and licensed by the state. It’s also a plus if the company has any association memberships such as the Irrigation Association, a local Irrigation Contractors’ Association.

The staff at Summer Rain Sprinkler Systems is completely licensed and trained, and we carry full insurance coverage. In addition, we hold memberships in the Irrigation Association and the Connecticut Irrigation Contractors Association. We are known as one of the top 100 irrigation companies in America and happily serve our local community in Greenwich, Conn. as well as our neighboring towns.

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