5 Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting

Are you looking to update the exterior of your home and save on your electric bill? Installing LED landscape lighting could help you do both.

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LED lighting is energy efficient and can provide a more modern look to your landscape lighting. Even if you currently have a halogen system, you may be able to convert it to LED.

LED landscape lighting has many advantages, including:

More Energy Efficient.

LED lights are 90% more efficient than bulbs used in traditional landscape lighting systems.

Lower Carbon Footprint.

LED is a “greener” technology as it emits less carbon dioxide.

Longer Lifespan.

Compared to traditional halogen lightbulb, which has the longevity of up to 4,000 hours, LED lights last up to 20,000 hours!

Less Insect Activity.

Unlike LED lights, halogen light bulbs emit UV light, which attracts insects. By switching to LED lights, you can potentially decrease insect activity in recreational areas like your backyard.

Better Visibility.

When LED landscape lighting first came out, residents were wary of using them as they produced only a faint glow. Now, you are able to choose from a variety of light intensity and hues of LED lights. In areas such as walkways and stairs, using high intensity LED lights could help prevent accidents.

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Outdoor Wedding Reception Lighting Tips

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. What makes the day so great (besides marrying your best friend), is the ambiance of your venue. And when done right, the lighting can really transform your space — making your reception unforgettable for you and your guests.

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5 Lighting Tips For Your Wedding

  1. Figure out the style of your wedding.

Depending on the style of your wedding (i.e., rustic, classic, romantic), the lighting options will change. So before you go picking out lighting fixtures, it’s best to figure this out first.

  1. Assess the situation and place your lights.

Walk around the location and check where the problem areas are — it’s best to be prepared. Knowing which areas lack lighting and which areas are perfect for an Instagram photo shoot will help you on the day of.

  1. Match the color of light.

Going off of tip number one, if you end up adding lighting that’s the wrong color, you might as well not add anything at all. Depending on the temperature of the ambient light at the venue will determine what kind of lighting you need to add to balance the room out.

  1. Contact a professional for help.

You’ll be better off having a lighting expert and designer help you light your wedding venue. This person will be familiar with sore spots, built-in lighting options, and power capabilities.

For a lighting expert in Connecticut, contact the Summer Rain lighting experts.

  1. If your venue is outside, visit the space at night.

Visiting your outdoor venue at night will help you identify what areas need to be illuminated for safety reasons. Also, take note of any outdoor outlets and ask if your venue needs a permit for them.

We are licensed professionals with tremendous expertise. Our design team can create a custom plan to meet your outdoor lighting needs, and provide a proficient and timely installation using the highest quality fixtures.

Contact Summer Rain Lighting Systems, we will illuminate the beauty of your special day!

Guide: Landscaping 101 for Homeowners

Keeping your yard clean and beautiful can sometimes be a challenging task. You may have a lot of questions on how to keep your lawn and garden looking colorful and healthy all year round. We have the answers. 
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Common Questions about your Yard

1. How can I permanently get rid of weeds?

Good news: You’ll only need two things — newspaper and some mulch. Rip long strips of the newspaper, place them in your soil around the weeds, and cover them with mulch.

This helps block moisture from reaching the weeds, providing more nutrients to the surrounding plants that need it the most!

2. How often should I mow my lawn?

That depends on where you live, but longer grass requires less water since its already shaded. Also, many professionals suggest not to rake or blow any clippings because this can add nutrients to your grass and soil.

3. How can I stop pests from eating my plants?

We know the first thought is to spray pesticides to keep the pests away, but we advise against that. Pesticides can harm your plants and the environment! Try some natural solutions instead, like tossing eggshells in your garden or sprinkling cayenne pepper on the soil.

4. What kind of soil should I use?

The kind of soil you use depends on the plants. Sometimes, simply digging up dirt and placing a plant in the ground will do the trick, but other plants won’t survive off of natural soil. When you’re buying your plants, ask a professional in the store what kind of soil you need.

5. What is the difference between drip irrigation and sprinkler systems?

You may have seen a drip irrigation system before and not realized it. It’s the tubes you see in the soil that have small holes all over. This helps ensure the water is closer to the roots and will water the garden efficiently. Sprinkler systems spray water into the air, so its great for a lawn, but not to help water plants or flowers.

Summer Rain Sprinklers offers both residential and commercial irrigation installation and maintenance services throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties in Connecticut and New York.

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Host The Perfect Backyard Party With Landscape Lighting

We think we’re all due for a backyard party (or two) after this harsh winter — don’t you? There’s one month until the first unofficial celebration of the season — Memorial day — have you prepped your backyard yet? Besides cleaning off your patio, setting up your furniture, and prepping your barbeque, landscape lighting is a must

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Landscape Lighting Tips

1. Add Pendant Lighting To Your Barbeque

Pendant lighting is trending this summer. It showcases your unique style and personality and it’s easy to install!

It’s best when placed above seating and eating areas on your deck, patio, and gazebos, too.

2. Use Outdoor Post Mounts For Your Pathway

What’s a pathway without lighting to help guide the way? Some backyards use tiki torches or mason jar lights, but a more permanent solution is to add post mount lighting. Post mounts come in a large variety of designs and sizes and will give your pathway, and surrounding landscape, that final touch you were looking for.

Place post mounts around the outer edges of your deck, pool, or stone pathways in the front, back, and sides of your home.

3. Place Portable Lamps Around Your Patio

When the sun goes down, portable lighting is your best friend. No matter where you are in your backyard, portable lamps can follow, giving you added comfort.

Portable lamps work great for backyard tents, patios, decks, and tree houses.

For five more landscape lights to add to your backyard, check out our blog: Lighting Up Your Backyard for Summer

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5 Ways To Get Your Yard Ready For Spring

The long, cold winter weather will soon be behind us. Leaving in its trail a yard begging for a little attention and TLC. If you want your lawn to come back fuller and greener than ever, you’ll have to prep it for the spring season.

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5 Ways To Get Your Yard Ready For Spring

1. Get out your rake or air blower and remove all the fallen leaves, branches, dead grass, and any other debris you find along the way.

2. Apply fertilizer, which feeds your grass, and pre-emergent, which is an herbicide used to prevent crabgrass. Bonus: This helps manage your weeds all year long, not just in the spring.

3. Has your lawn been thinned out by dry weather, wear-and-tear, insect pests, or improper mowing? Adding grass seed can help remedy all of these issues.

4. This year is the year of water conservation! Be water-conscious and make sure you’re sticking to a schedule. Typically you want to water less in the spring and more in the heat of the summer.

5. Before you whip out your lawn mower and other lawn care and gardening tools, check your equipment first. If necessary, give your appliances a quick tune-up yourself.

Choose The Irrigation Specialists At Summer Rain For Your Lawn Care Needs!

Summer Rain Sprinklers is known as one of the top 100 irrigation companies in America. We offer both residential and commercial irrigation installation and maintenance services throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties in Connecticut and New York.

Having been in business for over 30 years, we understand the importance of making an educated decision. This is why we are here to assist you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the maintenance of your system.

Design Tips For Your Outdoor Christmas Lights

It’s time to deck the halls (or your home) with bounds of Christmas lights! But before you do, there are a few design tips to help you decorate.

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Create a Focal Point

Pick a point on your house or in your yard to define. This will be the main area for your decorations. For example, you can use your front door or even a tree in your yard to attract everyone who passes your block.

Light Your Path and Driveway

Nothing beats how beautiful tea light candles look on your front path and driveway — especially once we get our first snowfall! Adding lights along your pathway is also beneficial because it helps lead visitors (and yourself) to your front door.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Simple, white Christmas lights, are a beautiful option for holiday decorating. However, don’t completely leave colored lights off the table. They are a great addition to your decor when covering trees, bushes, and shrubs because the color lights can match the object’s natural colors (like brown or green).

Avoid Light Overload

You don’t have to add Christmas lights to every inch of your property in order to be festive. In fact, making your house that bright can be a visible distraction to drivers and contribute to light pollution. When it comes to adding outdoor lights, less is always more.

Need more holiday lighting ideas? Not only will Summer Rain help you find the perfect design, but we will install them too! Our Lighting Systems can supply worry-free maintenance service contracts, repair, and enhance existing lighting systems, including lighting automation. We happily serve our local community in Greenwich, CT as well as our neighboring towns. Give us a call today at 203-629-8050 or visit us on the web to learn more about our services.

4 Things to Do with Fall Leaves

Pile them up, jump in them, but don’t rake them up to the curb when you’re done. Leaves have many other purposes in your yard and garden. Check out these four fun ideas.

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Leaves are the perfect ingredient for your compost pile. Later them between all the garden debris from your fall maintenance to prepare it for the winter. They will decompose even faster if you shred them first. You can also save any leftover leaves for your spring compost pile.

Leaf Mold

Leaf mold may sound bad, but it’s great for your garden soil! While it may not add too many nutrients to your soil, it will improve the structure and water holding ability.


Mulch suppresses weeds and eventually decomposes — feeding the soil. Add your leaves to your mulch by shredding them first. A thick layer of wet, shredded leaves will form a solid mat and block water and air from getting through the soil.


Fall leaves are beautiful when they are on the trees, but they are even more beautiful to decorate with. You can find a ton of crafts online if you need some inspiration.

At Summer Rain Lighting Systems, we offer a wide array of lighting services that will illuminate the beauty of your landscape and architecture. We happily serve our local community in Greenwich, CT as well as our neighboring towns. Give us a call today at 203-629-8050 or visit us on the web to learn more about our services.

3 Ways To Avoid Lawn Damage on Halloween

Pretty soon little vampires and ghosts are going to be knocking on your front door for candy. And if your walkway isn’t the most desirable route, they may just run up your driveway or across your yard. But this doesn’t have to be. If you want to save your lawn this Halloween, we have 3 ways to control where you trick-or-treaters go.

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1. Mark a Clear Path.

Not only can you make the walkway fun for the little ones, but marking a clear path to your front door also allows you to orchestrate your foot-traffic. Use any decorations you please, but don’t make it cluttered. This will make it easier for kids to come and go, without having to resort to walking all over your grass.

2. Provide ample lighting.

Lighting is important for safety, but it can also be used for your spooky decorations. Besides, creating a lit path makes it easier to keep trick-or-treaters off your lawn! When creating your pathway, use LED orange string lights or battery-operated candles to illuminate your jack-o-lanterns. And keep in mind, a lit pathway must also have a well-illuminated destination (i.e. wherever your candy station will be this year).

3. Decorate the lawn.

While you may think it’s a fun idea to turn your lawn into a graveyard, placing decorations on your lawn or garden can cause damage to the grass or flowers. Also, decorating your lawn is almost like an invitation for kids to play games around them and take photos. Instead, think of something you can add near your front door, like a zombie head reaching out from the ground or skeleton bones placed all around.

At Summer Rain Lighting Systems, we offer a wide array of lighting services that will illuminate the beauty of your landscape and architecture. We happily serve our local community in Greenwich, CT as well as our neighboring towns. Give us a call today at 203-629-8050 or visit us on the web to learn more about our services.

3 Reasons to Have Your Irrigation System Winterized by a Professional

There’s more to your fall yard maintenance than raking leaves. Your irrigation system needs your attention too. And if you don’t protect your sprinkler system before the cooler temperatures hit, your pipes will freeze, expand, and crack! So before it’s too late, pick up the phone and hire a professional to winterize your system!

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  1. They have the appropriate equipment.

Your home air compressor just isn’t powerful enough to blow out your sprinkler system. The combination of high volume and low pressure from the right compressor will minimize the damage caused during the winterization process if you were to do it on your own.

  1. They are properly educated and certified.

When it comes to blowing out an irrigation system, put your DIY-skills aside. Irrigation professionals know how to adjust the air compressor, when to shut off certain valves, and where each station and zone should be activated to ensure the jobs is done correctly and safely.

  1. They will prep your system for the spring.

Not only will your system get winterized, experts like Summer Rain will also review the system as they go. We’ll look for heads that don’t work properly or ones that are positioned too low. These notes will be vital to running a spring service as smoothly as possible.

Once cooler temperatures settle in, winterization is an important service to take advantage of. During winterization, our team at Summer Rain will drain your system to ensure that no water remains in the pipes. If this service is not performed properly, any water left over in the sprinkler system could freeze and burst the pipes, which can be costly to repair. If you’re ready to winterize your yard, give us a call today at 203-629-8050 or visit us on the web.

Answers To Your Top Landscape Lighting Questions

Are you trying to give your property a new look? Sometimes gardening just isn’t enough. One way to create a stunning landscape — illuminating your yard with landscape lighting!

Answers To Your Top Landscape Lighting Questions | Landscape Lighting | CT | Summer Rain

Where do I begin, and what can I do?
When thinking about how to design exterior landscape lighting, the first thing to know — less is always more. If every area of your yard is highlighted, nothing stands out and nothing is special. Consider what features of your yard you want to show off, and begin your search for a professional who can help bring your dreams to a reality.

How much light do I need to create a pleasant outdoor atmosphere?
At night, your eyes are already adjusted to the dark; so remember, a little goes a long way! If you have a favorite reading area, considering putting a spot in a tree or above in a pergola (to direct the light down and over your shoulder). For outdoor dining, place the light around the cooking area, the rest of the space should have low lighting in order to get the casual and relaxed feel.

What is color temperature?
Light quality is just as important as light quantity, so make sure to discuss the color temperature of your fixtures with your chosen landscape contractor. Color temperatures 3500K (Kelvin) are generally considered to be a cooler temperature (blue tones). Temperatures 3000K and below are considered warmer (amber tones). When it comes to outdoor lighting, it’s best to stay away from cooler temperatures. The bluish tones can make your yard appear unnatural.
*You should be able to find the color temperature for a light bulb on its packing.


What is layered lighting, and is it important for my outdoor space?
Layered lighting is when you add lighting in high and low areas around your yard to create more dimension, emotion, and beauty to your space. Layered lighting can also help you control the ambiance in different spots in your yard. For instance, maybe your patio will have different lighting levels compared to your pathway lighting. In the end, layered lighting allows you to be a lot more creative with your design.

Are dimmers or other controls useful outdoors?
Dimmers and other controls are great for the outdoors because they allow you to change the feel and mood of a space. Consider which areas you want to control — this will help you decide which lighting fixtures work best.

At Summer Rain Lighting Systems, we offer a wide array of lighting services that will illuminate the beauty of your landscape and architecture. We happily serve our local community in Greenwich, CT as well as our neighboring towns. Give us a call today at 203-629-8050 or visit us on the web to learn more about our services.