Halloween decorations in the front yard of a house on Halloween.

3 Ways To Avoid Lawn Damage on Halloween

Pretty soon little vampires and ghosts are going to be knocking on your front door for candy. And if your walkway isn’t the most desirable route, they may just run up your driveway or across your yard. But this doesn’t have to be. If you want to save your lawn this Halloween, we have 3 ways to control where you trick-or-treaters go.

  1. Mark a Clear Path.

  2. Not only can you make the walkway fun for the little ones, but marking a clear path to your front door also allows you to orchestrate your foot-traffic. Use any decorations you please, but don’t make it cluttered. This will make it easier for kids to come and go, without having to resort to walking all over your grass.

  3. Provide ample lighting.

  4. Lighting is important for safety, but it can also be used for your spooky decorations. Besides, creating a lit path makes it easier to keep trick-or-treaters off your lawn! When creating your pathway, use LED orange string lights or battery-operated candles to illuminate your jack-o-lanterns. And keep in mind, a lit pathway must also have a well-illuminated destination (i.e. wherever your candy station will be this year).

  5. Decorate the lawn.

  6. While you may think it’s a fun idea to turn your lawn into a graveyard, placing decorations on your lawn or garden can cause damage to the grass or flowers. Also, decorating your lawn is almost like an invitation for kids to play games around them and take photos. Instead, think of something you can add near your front door, like a zombie head reaching out from the ground or skeleton bones placed all around.

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